About Qu-Brick The Ghost

Qu-Brick (Pronounced Kubrick) represents the spirit of MC Spirit Studios. There is a lot of work that goes into each project between pre-production and the final release. Qu-Brick represents all that is unseen.

Spirit is what motivates us to be our absolute best. Spirit captivates us.

At MC Spirit Studios we do our very best to get to the heart of the story. Qu-Brick helps ensure your spirit shines bright.

When Qu-Brick isn't working on a project, he enjoys classic film studies and kickin' it old school to music on his headphones.

About Jason Plant, Director of Photography

Words that describe Jason


Jason Plant is the Director of Photography of Mc Spirit Studios. As a thoroughly-skilled photographer, cinematographer, and art director, Jason's touch turns any project into visual gold - and his work can revolutionize a brand's image.

Brands that Jason has worked with

Portfolio includes work with celebrities, Grammy and Juno award winning musicians, and an NFL Superbowl Champion.

Has work featured on Rogers TV London.

Lerners Personal Injury Lawyers, HungryBoy Productions, Pride London Festival, London Humane Society, Forest City Comicon, Aeolian Hall, LondonFuse, International Association of Business Communications, S.W.I.M. Single Women in Motherhood, Autism Speaks Canada, Enders Direct, Jay Terry Photography

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